Friday, April 1, 2011

The Moon Discussion

Ah yes, the moon is forever with us. A truly interesting topic indeed. Have any of you wondered what the odds are that we have a moon orbiting our planet that allows for perfect eclipses? Yes, that number is pretty slim. This is the only the tip of iceberg in what makes the moon so interesting. But today im focusing on something everyone is familiar with. The Apollo missions and man landing on the moon.

Let me begin by saying I do believe that man has walked on the moon. However, i don't believe it is wrong in anyway to believe that NASA and the U.S. government might have "faked" one or more of these missions and created a fake lunar surface here on Earth.

I was unsure how I should present this information, initially. I was originally just going to bullet point it and use pictures to support my claims. However, i think that'll take too much space and time. I did come across this Aussie kid. He has posted numerous videos, titled "MoonFaker" on the subject of fake lunar visits. I think this will be interesting enough to stretch out over several days. I know I kept saying that i was going to do another section on the Kennedy assassination, but i really just dont want to get more into that right now. I will get back to it, eventually, but just not now. As you seen this post is more of an introduction of the coming days, but we will dive into the first couple videos.

The Flags Are Alive
This is about a half hour worth of content so i understand if you dont have time or dont want to spend the time watching all of it. He addresses six main contentions people have that defend the real lunar landing. Scroll down to see an overall summary of the videos and how he defeats each one.

 His oppositions claims
  1. Dave could have brushed against the flag with his left arm as he went by.
  2. He could have kicked some dirt with his boot that hit the bottom of the flag.
  3. He could have pushed a mound of soil sideways that hit the bottom of the flagstaff. 
  4. The impact of his boots on the ground as he ran past could have shaken the flagstaff.
  5. He might have been carrying a static charge which attracted that flag material. 
  6. The flag could have been disturbed from emissions from the backpack.  
But in reality
  1.  Initial movement clearly starts before astronauts passes flag.
  2.  Dirt traveling on the moon is quite visible and rarely goes higher then a meter. This is absolutely no signs of this.
  3.  (Same as 2)
  4.  Is no way near close enough and theres no visible evidence this occured. (His experiment was a little shaky here, imo).
  5.  Static electricity does not cause a flag to move, on Earth or on the Moon. And the flag initially moves away from the astronaut, it should be moving towards.
  6.  There is absolutely no sign of any sort of any kind of emission (water, oxygen, urine) being released. These are much more visible in a vacuum and are not present.

So there you have it. Just one aspect of this heated debate. I believe every one of his posts make perfect sense, the only one I'm a little skeptical about is number 4. He doesnt clearly prove that point IMO. So, as always, post your thoughts on the matter!

Thanks to Jarrah White for the videos, and WWu777 of for introducing the videos. 


  1. I'm interested in conspiracies etc too, maybe all this is true! Mythbusters have a episode about this.

  2. Ah, the space race. Very intriguing subject. I have always been fascinated by it. Good post.

  3. I one saw a 60 minutes episode involving this at a kid, it scared the hell out of me - a 'news' show saying that aliens could live on the moon?

    Now I just laugh.

  4. You bring up some interesting points, I must say.

  5. I had a math teacher that pointed out a TON of stuff wrong with the moon landing. Definitely makes you wonder

  6. Interesting points. I, personally, don't really thing it's fake. I wouldn't be surprised if the government did fake it, though.

  7. You'll never know if it's fakes or real

  8. I get the feeling they're all fake, though, I'd love to see something real and concrete one day.

  9. There is very interesting.

  10. IMO the conspiracy theories related to this are a joke. We walked on the moon. AMERICA RULEZ

  11. Nice conspiracy theory. You're good in shaking everything I'm sure about :D

  12. Thats pretty interesting :P although i dont see what they would gain from faking it really.

  13. I'm sorry, but I'm not idiotic enough to believe that the moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood backlot.

  14. Is there wind on the moon?

  15. great stuff!

    I don't think there would be wind on the moon SOMS. lol

    +followed :)

    Come visit me

  16. That is really fishy-I have been reading some of your other posts...interesting stuff!