Sunday, March 25, 2012



Have you guys seen one of the latest Ancient Aliens? Yes yes i know we all think big foot is a hoax, but come on! Check out this video.

Ancient Aliens is the best ancient aliens show on tv right now, if you havent watched it, i definitely recommend it to everyone.

What does everyone think about this classic conspiracy case?

Monday, April 25, 2011


It's going on 6 days now and the Playstation 3's online service, the Playstation Network, has been down and out for closing in on a week. Sony has said practically nothing on the matter, which is kind of worrisome since it feels like they are really unsure of the problems they have been dealt with.

If it was server issues those can be easily fixed, replace the servers or buy new ones. And any server issue wouldnt be an "around the clock" matter for this length of time. A lot of people are suggesting hackers are to blame. Assuming this is true, who's to say our credit card information is safe? If they have the power to take down Sony's massive network, it just seems like another skill they couldve acquired.

I just got Socom 4 and havent been able to play it online, very frustrating! I'm sure many of you share my annoyance on this problem. Yea, i know this isnt a very typical topic of mine, but it's a pretty big deal right now. What should I do to pass the time?! Besides view all your blogs of course ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Back! Sorry for being postless for so long!

Ive been right in the middle of finals and other stuff. So I've been super busy and havent had much time to blog. The good news is i'll be posting on a more regualr basis again with all that juicy stuff. I may even get to part 2 of my evolution bit, i enjoyed some of the emotions i evoked from my followers.

Anyway, if you guys have anything youd like me to talk about in the coming days please comment and I'll probably pick the best ones! Live long and prosperous!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why are we all convinced life is a result of evolution? Part 1 of 2

 Let me give a brief introduction. First, I am fully aware that micro evolution is a natural part of life and there are literally thousands upon thousands of examples of this. Macroevolution, the belief we all came from a common ancestor and such, has very little evidence (and in some areas absolutely none). It's baffling to me how so many people are indoctrinated to believe evolution as scientific fact. If you've seen the movie expelled its quite apparent how supporters of evolution look to hinder adversaries in every way except for arguing their points intellectually. I am completely open to the idea that evolution is the truth, but i really just dont see the evidence supporting it right now.

Open any science text book (well except in Texas, lolol), and in it you will be told that all life and all biological diversity comes from evolution. This means that in the beginning, a cell was created somehow and then that cell went on to create the animals, and those animals diverge into other animals and so forth. Don't worry, I'm going into more detail. Quite frankly, i am perfectly fine with teaching evolution in schools. Just please bring both sides to the argument. The other side being an intelligent designer. Anyway, let me give you an outline of some of the contentions I'm going to discuss. This isn't every argument i have, I dont want to spend days on just these posts. I may make more posts arguing other aspects of it, im not sure yet.

Reasons Against Macro-Evolution
  1. Life and information has not been proven to be created by natural causes, only intelligent ones.
  2. Irreducible Complexity-  Some early biological features are impossible to come from natural causes.
  3. The Cambrian Explosion- That complex life did not gradually come to be, but more just showed 

Point #1 - Life and information has not been proven to be created by natural causes, only intelligent ones.
   Let me open with a little visualization. Take a look at the grand canyon. Beautiful, yes? Is there any doubt in your mind that that wasn't caused by wind, erosion, and whatever other natural forces? Now take a look at Mount Rushmore, can that be caused by the same natural forces? Absolutely not. We have never documented any thing like Mount Rushmore from natural causes.

So rewind hundreds of millions of years ago. There is no life on planet Earth. We'll just say there's a primordial soup, even though there's no evidence one existed. Life requires DNA. The first life also required such DNA. This also includes RNA, proteins and numerous smaller parts that have to be included for life to exist. You cannot just have one of these and have life exist. They all must come together at the exact same time or you are left with a useless piece of matter. Also, I'm sure you have an idea how complex DNA really is. Bill Gates mentioned that DNA is far more complex then any program designed by a human thus far. And the amount of information stored in a strand of DNA is equivalent to roughly 1000 volumes of an encyclopedia. Evolutionists cannot give you a reasonable explanation about how all the things required of the first cell came to be. To me it's more reasonable to assume this is not how life started, and that's before the other evidence.

 This is the end of part 1. I'll be posting part 2 either on Thursday or Friday. I am open to all criticisms and questions of this topic. Really, if you have any disagreements, please comment. I'll make an effort to respond to them in my next post.

Monday, April 11, 2011

UFO, Cloud, or CGI?

To me, it's definitely not a cloud. You can see the top to it, and that looks more dome shaped. Now, it's just a question of whether this thing is really there or not. It really doesnt look like cgi, it looks too natural i guess. But, i suppose it's always a possibility. What do you guys think?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hitler- Is it possible he lived passed World War 2?

This recently released FBI document certainly raises that question. While it's not absolute evidence, it is eye opening. At least to me. It's a .PDF file so i cant attach the entire thing here and its friggin long!


Scroll down for a link to the entire thing. But, what this is saying is, that Hitler got away on 2 submarines with a crew of fifty as well as 2 doppelgangers. Thiss is offhand story telling and is not definitive evidence in anyway. But i dont know about you, but i havent seen any Hitler death pics so who knows what the truth really is. What if Hitler never committed suicide? Well, i guess nothing really changes, he pretty much got the Napoleon treatment, but i found this information really cool nonetheless.


Thanks everyone for the support! It means a lot to me that care enough about the content i provide to follow my blog and check in on it from time to time! I'm always working on making this blog better then before, and hope you guys enjoy what i have to offer. Thanks again! And to send us off, here's a picture of a banana xenomorph!